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The Aspen collection is a result of a bold move in search for new inspirations. San Francisco was, until winter of 2015, the location of my studio and home. A desire to spend more time in nature has brought me to the mountains of Colorado, where I set up an artist-in-residency at the Elliott Yeary Gallery in Aspen, CO. Spending time with my family, and time in the outdoors, gave me a chance to develop a new and innovative collection that tells the story of my winter adventures in Aspen.

I decided to take some time to indulge in wanderlust with my family. I allowed myself to ‘get lost’ in nature, and in no time at all, inspiration found me! The quiet, yet magnificent, glory of the Aspen tree overwhelmed me. The beauty of the Aspen tree gets more intense with time. It can only be obtained by years of growth and exposure to the elements. As with my own journey, the beauty of my jewelry increases with time and exposure to life. This parallel is captured in this Aspen collection.

The pieces of this collection highlight the blending of my signature materials – warm 18-karat gold, diamonds, and matte black cobalt chrome. This collection features the rich texture of Aspen bark, including all the nicks and holes you see on these gorgeous trees, allowing a peek of black cobalt chrome below.

P.S.  I never left.....

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