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I have long dreamed of making a very large scale chain, but the weight and cost were prohibitive (especially at today’s gold prices!) The answer, of course, is to make the chain mostly steel, but there are technical challenges in that as well – the steel is very hard and doesn’t bend, so you can’t open and close links, especially heavy ones, they way you do with gold. But, inspired by a piece of costume jewelry I saw on a recent shopping trip, I finally figured out a way to make a grand necklace that won’t break your back nor your bank! The links have a keyhole opening that allows them to slide together when positioned just right. After assembly, I place each link in a heavy vice to narrow the opening, thereby securing the chain. The texture is that of crumpled up foil, and the links are solid – so it definitely has some heft. The look is bold with a very ‘down town’ feel

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