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I grew up a farmer’s daughter, so when my best friend from childhood married a farmer herself, I figured I knew exactly what she was in for – sleepless nights when the weather didn’t cooperate, and more produce than you could possibly ever eat! Well, it turns out there are some major differences between farming tomatoes, as my father did, and avocados, as her husband does – first of all, who could ever get sick of avocados? And the terrain is quite different as well – the trees grow on gently sloping hills in some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. It was on a hike one day on their Pinkerton Avocado Ranch in Ventura that we came across the inspiration for our Shadow collection – a long-dead tree, corroded almost to the ground, revealed the most intricately decayed layers of wood. Into our pockets, it went, and the result is an almost lace-like pattern of delicate gold with lots of negative space to let the beauty of the skin show through.

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