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What took you so long?


This is what I've been hearing the most since I added color to my line with the launch of the Chroma Collection.


The answer is, I'm not big on color. Or at least I wasn't....until I plunged into the amazing world of gemstones. Now? I can't get enough!


I can explain it like this: I wouldn't say I much care for the color pink, but come see my garden this summer and you will find it overflowing with pink cosmos, mums, dahlias, hydrangeas and even some lotus! Because pink flowers are gorgeous in all their different shades and textures...and gemstones are the same way. A pink sapphire is so much more than just the color pink - it has tonal variations, depth, and sparkle that I dare you not to fall in love with, even if you didn't think you liked pink.  


And best of all,  these colorful gemstones are adding some much needed interest to my all-black wardrobe! 

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