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My Fingerprint collection started very personally - with the birth of my son. The truth is I was a reluctant mom - I never planned to become one, and when I found myself pregnant, I was unsure of how I would 'do it all'. I put in long hours at work, traveled often and lived in a tiny apartment in San Francisco.


When the baby came, I made a golden necklace for myself, using warm wax to capture his tiny toe prints. It is personal and sentimental, but doesn't scream 'mom jewelry' - it is sophisticated and beautiful.  I started going to a mom's group, where I met a group of friends that got me through the hard parts, and will always be dear to me. And I started getting orders for necklaces like mine!

After several pieces of jewelry culled from smooshing the fingers of crying babies into hot wax, I turned to CAD, which allows me to use ink or digital prints to create the jewelry, painlessly and tear free.

This collection is a true testament to the power of embracing change. I worried motherhood would hurt my business, which was my true passion at the time, but instead it broadened it - it pushed me to embrace change by adopting CAD technology, which has become integral in many of my designs, and it inspired a whole new design collection. The thing I was most scared of has turned out to bring me more joy and fulfillment than I could ever have imagined.

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