What is the black?

That's oxidized cobalt chrome. Cobalt Chrome used primarily in the medical and dental industry, and is valued for it's durability. It also happens to be hypo-allgergenic and stainless, which is important to me, too! I oxidze the cobalt chrome to achieve a deep black color that is so striking against gold and diamonds!

What other materials do you use?

I work with 18 K gold - rose, white and yellow, with the exception of our small bezels, which are 14 K gold. I welcome special orders in higher karat metals and even platinum.

Will the black wear off?

I oxidize my cobalt chrome, which gives it that deep, matte black finish. No oxidation is permanant, however oxidized cobalt chrome holds it's color better than oxidized silver, and will only wear off with direct contact. This means your rings and bracelets will show more wear than your earrings and necklaces (unless you carry them around in your change purse - please don't carry them around in your change purse!) I create each piece with unique textures, and you can look forward to those becoming more apparent over time as the black comes off the raised surfaces and stays put in the crevices.

And the stones?

I mostly work with diamonds - I like how they don't overshadow the metalwork, but add brilliant sparkle. My white diamonds are full cut, F/G color and VS clarity, and my cognac diamonds are natural color. All my diamonds are ethically mined and conflict free. I do work with color, either by special order or when the whim hits me. If you have a color in mind you'd like to see in my work, just ask!

How do I care for and clean my jewelry?

At home, let your jewelry soak a while in hot water and dish soap. After a bit, run it under fast moving water. Most debris is organic (think soap, lotion, etc) and will come right out with this treatment. To really clean a diamond, don't worry as much about the top as the bottom - use an old toothbrush underneath the stones to scrub them clean. Don't scrup colored stones, and don't scrub the oxidized cobalt chrome - both can be damaged.

Where can I buy your jewelry?

Check out the Locations page for a store close by. If there aren't any, give me a call and I'll help you out. We will find a way to let you experience the jewelry in person before you commit to a purchase if need be.

Where and by whom is your jewelry made?

Most of my jewelry is made by a third generation family of jewelers in Rochester, New York - and some is made by me with my own hands! There was a time when I made every single piece myself, but as the business has grown, I've been lucky enough to connect with some amazing craftsman, most of whom are literally from the same family - learn more about them here!

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